Dart Score Manager 1.4 is out on the App Store!


02.20.2013 We have tested and played with the new Cricket Mode; and its working pretty good. I know there will be complaints on the 2 player limit for this mode, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. The next step for the app will be 4 player cricket and more players for the x01 game.


We also want to add more scoring options like cuttroat and other rules out there, and if you have other ideas please send them to me, I will add them to the list..

Good games everyone and don’t forget to give our app a good rating as it helps to sell and motivate us.


We designed an app to keep our scores and accuracy levels while making films and 3d stuff.

Film ve 3d projelerimizi yaparken zaman geçirmek için dart skorlarımızı ve atışlarımızı takip etmek için bi ipad uygulaması yaptık. Aynı zamanda mobil programlar üretenlere de grafik ve video gibi alanlarda yardımcı olabileceğimizi de gösteriyoruz..
Dart Score Manager makes playing darts with your friends,family and even by yourself more enjoyable. Forget about writing scores on paper! Want to know what points you’ve been hitting the most since you’ve played?

Features that make this app unique are:

– It has the easiest point selector!

– Every player can see their overall hit areas on a mini dartboard, also they can see which points they hit on the last round so they can easily compare their accuracy.

– Great tool for practicing on your own.

– Create your own player with your own avatar from the photos in your library! See who won the most!

Future Updates and plans:

– 4 Players for Cricket mode
– 8 or more players for x01 mode
– More scoring rules and options for game modes
– More Game modes

– Expanded tutorials section; both for newbie dart players and for helping understand the app

Dart Score Manager version 1.4 fixes and added features:

  • 2 Player Cricket mode added
  • iOS 6 game crashing errors fixed
  • Round Robin has been added ( adds a point to the winner when you continue a game)
  • Minor fixes (memory related)

Dart Score Manager version 1.3 fixes and added features:

  • Save & Load added
  • icons changed to fit its function
  • minor fixes

Dart Score Manager version 1.2 fixes and added features:

  • Finishing Moves
  • Editable Players
  • Fixed Player images
  • Fixed Player name bug
  • Some minor fixes

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