I was going to do a painting about an arabian horse for a family friend, but because of my newborn baby and work I couldn’t find the time to start painting. Instead I took my time and researched horses in general, the differences and everything.. First I came up with this sketch, then I sculpted a horse in zbrush. The model wasn’t very good but a year has past and I started modeling in mudbox and I’m in the process of sculpting  a real arabian mare. This time its coming out just the way I want and I think the painting will come out great as I will master the horse in 3d space.

yeni_screenThe Sculpting is work in progress right now. I have to work on the head and legs a bit more to make it look realistic. It served its purpose for now and It’ll be great for lighting reference and help my perspective int he painting. I’m thinking of using it in an animation or a mattepainting-compostion type of thing..

2013. Oil and digital projects.